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Why your Webflow site needs a GDPR-compliant cookie solution.

Solutions like Google Analytics, Meta's Facebook Pixel or Hubspot's Tracking code are great tools for tracking user behavior and supporting you in measuring the success of your website or return on ad spend.

By default
, these solutions work by placing cookies in your user's browser, allowing them to collect personal data (like location and behavior) across the various pages of your website.

Although there is nothing wrong with using cookies, there are strict rules your website needs to follow under the GDPR, if your website receives traffic from the European Union and collects personal data (such as a email address or location),

What does this mean for your Webflow site?

The GDPR states that your website can only collect personal data from users after they have given their explicit consent.

Remember how we talked about tools like Google Analytics placing cookies by default to collecting personal data? Oops...

In order to comply with the GDPR, your Webflow site needs to have a cookie solution that does three things:

  1. Block all solutions and scripts that use cookies to collect personal data when your website loads.
  2. Inform and allow users to provide explicit consent to the usage of cookies.
  3. (Re-)enable all solutions and scripts that use cookies, after the user has given explicit consent.

There are many great platforms out there that can achieve all of the 3 requirements above, but are costly solutions, slow your site down drastically and come with limited styling options.

So, what is the ideal solution?

If you do want to add a Cookie Consent Solution to your Webflow Project, that doesn't slow down your site, gives you design flexibility and ticks off all 3 boxes above, we encourage you to explore the cookie consent solution specifically made for Webflow.

You can either do it yourself (add the pre-built cookie banner to your project, and use the documentation to try set up your Google Tag Manager to make your marketing, analytics and personalization scripts work with solution)...

...or hire us to get it done for you!

If you are a technical person with extensive knowledge of Google Tag Manager, custom triggers and setting up prior consent blocking, we encourage you try add the Cookie Consent Solution yourself.

But, if you're a business looking to get it done right the first time, then consider hiring us to do it for you.  

For a one-time fee of €72,95 we will:

  • Install a custom cookie banner to your Webflow project, and match the styling with the look-and-feel of your website.
  • Modify your external marketing, analytics and personalization scripts to function with the Cookie Consent Solution.
  • Send you an instructional video, allowing you to make edits in the future without the need for our help.

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